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Hack Your Bias® eLearning Package

Hack Your Bias® eLearning Package

€ 250,00Price

Unlearn unconscious bias in the workplace. By the end of this online course, you'll be able to recognize, manage and counter unconscious bias in your team and organization.

Leave no space for biased behavior, take action today.

  • 6 - course package

  • 270 mins of content 

Comprehensive Toolkit

Our course comes with a comprehensive toolkit designed to provide resources for understanding workplace biases. This toolkit offers practical tools, insightful readings, and relevant research materials to facilitate a nuanced understanding of unconscious biases, empowering participants to navigate and challenge biases effectively, and fostering a workplace culture that champions diversity and inclusion.


Engaging Interactive Content

Experience an enjoyable and educational exploration of unconscious bias through our dynamic and interactive content. The course incorporates multimedia elements, including videos, exercises, and discussions, promoting active participation. This approach allows participants to absorb key concepts in a way that goes beyond traditional learning methods.


Storytelling Based Learning

Our DEI courses use storytelling to elevate the learning experience. With over 15 years of experience, we share compelling case stories that provide insights into real-world scenarios related to workplace biases. Rooted in authenticity and diversity, these narratives enable learners to connect theory with practical applications. The infusion of storytelling enhances the educational experience, making it relatable, memorable, and conducive to a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

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