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About Us

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Our MISSION is to accelerate inclusive attitudes and behaviors.

Our PURPOSE is to break down barriers to equal access and opportunities for all.

Our Ecosystem

It’s impossible to be an expert in all elements of DEI. That’s why we collaborate with coaches, trainers and strategists from all over the world that share our mission, purpose and approach. They combine their lived experience and specific (regional) knowledge with our tested and approved global best practices.

Michele Mees
Co-Founder, Global Ambassador for Inclusion & Diversity

Also, a kick-starter, lover of long walks, strategist, introvert, piano player, beginning tango dancer, creative mind, veggie food lover, with a business background in marketing consulting.

Pascale Ameye
Co-Founder,  Community Builder & Inclusive Event Manager

Also, a great cook, art lover, fan of picnics, tennis player, e-biker, dancer, people connector, positive, extrovert, getting-it-done, with a business background in fashion and sales.

Karen Vanherck
Inclusion Expert & Project Lead


Also, a violinist and orchestra member, frequent museum visitor, lover of outdoors, analytical, curious, high-energy, team builder, with a background in social work for people on the autism spectrum.

Ellen Wagner
Founder of cross-cultural bridges - wagner coaching LLC
(United States)
Rosita Rabindra 
Co-Founder at Diversity Dialogs
Hanan Challouki
Founder of Inclusified
Gloria Tabi
Founder of Voice Everyday Racism
Sangeeta Murthi Sahgal
Co-Founder at Diversity Dialogs
T2_Steven De Blieck.jpg
Steven De Blieck
Experience expert autism/adhd/neurodiversity (speaking/consultancy)
Cener Doğan
Inclusive Leadership Coach & Facilitator
(United Kingdom)
Hakim Benichou
CEO of Teamspeler
Emmanuelle Verhagen
Co-active coach, Deep democracy facilitator & cultural transformation expert
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