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DEI Strategy Lab

Do you need to get your leadership aligned on DEI?

Our DEI Strategy Lab helps your HR team align executive leaders with DEI targets and clarify its impact on business. 

Who is the DEI Strategy Lab for?

HR & DEI Teams

  • that do not feel equipped to have these conversations with their leadership team

  • that want visibility with the executive team to get support


Executive Team

  • that want a competitive market edge for their business

  • that want to attract and retain top talent from diverse backgrounds

What is the goal?

The DEI Strategy Lab empowers executives to come together and align on company DEI ambitions and initiatives. This program aims to embed DEI into the core of your strategic operations.

The Key 🔑 Objectives

Link DEI to the business

This involves talent acquisition and management, team performance, innovation, customer intimacy, corporate image, and more...

Create best practices

Conduct benchmarking against both industry and cross-industry best practices, drawing inspiration from exemplary models, to pinpoint effective strategies and initiatives.

Develop a shared view

Collaboratively craft a unified vision for the future that the leadership team aspires to achieve, considering DEI’s implications across various facets of the business.

Launch a call to action

Inspire leaders to champion DEI efforts and foster exemplary leadership.

Take ownership in driving the DEI agenda 

Book a free consultation with our DEI experts 👋

It all begins with a one-to-one conversation. Let us guide you in assessing your organization and charting a clear path with a free 30-minute DEI consultation.

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