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DEI Scan

Do you know your
organization's DEI KPIs?


Our DEI scan helps you uncover areas for improvement, foster an inclusive culture, and ultimately elevate your performance and reputation.

Each DEI scan is meticulously customized to suit the specific needs of every organization.

What goes into a DEI scan?

Expert Interviews

We start off by interviewing employees who represent a diversity of experiences within the company. We seek to find those with critical insight into the organization.

HR Data Analysis

Challenging assumptions using HR data, we identify data gaps and opportunities through our custom scan, providing a template for future data collection.

DEI Index

Receive a comprehensive DEI scan consolidating insights and key conclusions. Discover your organization's position on our "Inclusion Now DEI Index" and the next actionable steps.

Employee Survey

The survey quantifies insights from expert interviews by anonymously exploring employees' self-identifications and their feelings of belonging and inclusion.

Policies & Practices

We conduct a thorough analysis of DEI integration in your policies, examining recruitment, talent development, equal pay, and learning opportunities, and more.

Next Step...
Strategic Debate

Prepare for discussions with your board and exco to align on DEI findings and priorities, gaining support for DEI team actions, addressing scan results, leadership commitments, next steps, and responsible parties in your organization.

Case Study: Expert Interview

We interview female employees to uncover reasons for their perceived lack of visibility and recognition, examining if this issue pertains to gender.

We help you uncover the unheard voices within your organization.

Each DEI scan assesses a diverse range of aspects that provide unique and actionable insights.

Onboarding newcomers needs to be better. There was no documentation available. I've had to find out a lot by myself.
I feel that here, I'll be forced to ask for feedback... there is no feedback culture here.
I do not understand how a company located in such a diverse city does not have more diverse hires.

Book a free consultation with our DEI experts 👋

It all begins with honest employee data. Let us guide you in assessing your organization and charting a clear path to a more inclusive future with a free 30-minute DEI consultation.

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