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What is a DEI Strategy Lab?

What's bubbling in our DEI Strategy Lab?

In the realm of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts within organizations, there's a need to move beyond mere awareness sessions and workshops. While these activities are valuable, they often represent just the tip of the iceberg in developing meaningful inclusion within a company's culture. What's often needed is a deeper, more strategic approach that gets executive leadership on-board with their organization’s core DEI values, therefore giving HR departments more autonomy in spearheading initiatives.

Enter Inclusion Now’s DEI Strategy Lab, our unique clinic that is designed to help create alignment within your executive team. With this one-time clinic, we focus on:

1)      Getting executive team on board with DEI targets

2)      Clarifying why DEI matters to the company

3)      Evaluating how DEI impacts the business

4)      What are the current top challenges

Upon completion of the DEI Strategy Lab, your executive team will walk away with a clear action plan for how DEI is integrated from the top-down throughout the business.

Who is this DEI Strategy Lab for?

1)      HR and DEI teams that:

a.      do not feel equipped to have these conversations with their leadership team

b.      want visibility with the executive team to get the support they need

2)      Executive leadership teams that:

a.      Want to learn how DEI can give their business competitive market edge

b.      Want to attract top talent from diverse backgrounds

c.      Want to develop a strong brand reputation

d.      Want to ensure legal compliance and mitigate risk for the business

What is a 🔬 DEI Strategy Lab?

At its core, the DEI Strategy Lab is about creating a unified vision and commitment to DEI initiatives among top-level executives, including CEOs, directors, and board members. It aims to embed diversity and inclusion into the very fabric of an organization's strategic operations.

The Format: Interactive Journey 🗺️

One of the key distinctions of the DEI Strategy Lab is its format. Unlike traditional presentations, this approach is designed to be an interactive journey of exploration between HR leaders and executives. It works by diving into the leaders’ personal values and how they connect with the company’s mission.

The Secret Ingredient: Personal Connection 🔗

At the heart of the DEI Strategy Lab lies a commitment to nurturing personal connections and "aha" moments among executives. It's about moving beyond pure logic to tap into the human side of thinking. By bringing leaders from their heads to their hearts, this approach cultivates a deeper understanding of the value that DEI brings to the company on multiple levels – business, people, reputation, and beyond.

Why ⚗️ "Strategy Lab"?

The term “Strategy Lab” captures the essence of this approach – it's about reaching an alignment on the DEI strategy through trial and error very much so like in a scientific laboratory. Through these multiple phases of experimentation, we will find your organization's DEI strategy alignment through discovery, exploration, and ongoing dialogue. It's not a one-way street but rather a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Through this process, executives not only gain clarity on the strategic direction of DEI efforts but also become active participants in shaping that direction.

The Journey Towards DEI Strategy Alignment

For DEI departments, the journey towards alignment in strategy at the leadership level is transformative. It shifts the focus from reactive approaches to proactive, strategic initiatives. Instead of constantly seeking budget approvals and permissions, DEI teams can work collaboratively with executive leadership to set clear strategies and objectives.

Moving up the 🪜 Ladder of DEI

The DEI Strategy Lab represents a move up the ladder of DEI maturity within organizations. It transcends mere compliance and reactive measures, positioning DEI efforts as integral components of the company's strategic vision and mission.


In the ever-evolving landscape of diversity and inclusion, our DEI Strategy Lab serves to help your leadership team become unified on the DEI front. By aligning executive leadership with the core values of DEI, organizations can create a more inclusive, equitable, and ultimately successful workplace culture.

As DEI initiatives continue to gain prominence, the need for strategic alignment becomes increasingly evident. It's not just about ticking boxes or meeting quotas – it's about fostering genuine understanding, commitment, and action at every level of the organization. With the DEI Strategy Strategy Lab, DEI can integrate directly into the backbone of your organization.

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